Digital marketing strategy for a small business in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tiny island with plenty of opportunities for small businesses. Even the current business giants also started as small entrepreneurs some time ago. If you own a small business, you would know the struggle you are going through daily. Except for attending daily operations, you have to work on promoting your business […]

Possible Limitations of Scandinavian Perspectives of Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability is meeting the needs of people without compromising the ability to do the same for the next generation! The corporate world adopts CSR as a practice to show that they do their part to balance the scale of their impact on society. Scandinavian countries that are often considered as the leaders of Global Sustainability […]

How to build a strong brand in Sri Lanka [Updated]

All Articles Every time you connect with a consumer, you have the chance to leave a lasting impression.  Logos, color schemes, and taglines may spring to mind while thinking about a brand.  A brand, however, is much more than that.  It is the experience that your business provides to clients during every step of the […]