Digital Innovations to uplift business in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan business sector has faced many ups and downs during the past decades. Continues political instability, 30 years-long civil war, Natural disasters such as the tsunami in 2004 as well as the recent Covid- 19 pandemic situation are some of the critical factors affected to businesses overall. It is inevitable to find new means […]

Can Fashion Industry become Sustainable?

There are many challenges that the fashion industry is facing when they are trying to choose the path of sustainability. One of the biggest challenges is the fashion companies’ inability of taking control over their end to end supply chain. Due to different reasons, mainly to achieve cost efficiency, many fashion brands shift their production […]

Why your business needs a website?

Many companies today operate online through Social Media and question if they even need a website.  Your business will benefit from a website, which will eventually raise the value of your brand.  The best time for you to get your website developed and establish your brand presence through the website is now, especially if you […]

4 Vital Points to Get Started in Digital Marketing

No time to read, we got you covered. Listen to the article here. Digital marketing is promoting businesses through online platforms using different strategies. Social media, email and search engines are some of the most popular channels through which digital marketers contact their customers. So let us see how Digital marketing can be used in […]

The road to Sustainability and CSR

What is sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Sustainability is derived from the Latin word “Sustinere” which means the “Support”. Generally, Sustainability refers to the ability of remaining in the same level/ certain level. But Modern day, the term Sustainability often tied up with Environmental and Social elements. Sustainability is meeting the needs of the […]

Five Unintentional things you do when depressed

Depression has become one of the most common disorders among the younger generation in the modern world. Fast phasing and ever-dynamic environment which is quite different than what our ancestors experienced back then, has increased the tendency of getting depressed easily nowadays. What is Depression? According to American Psychiatric Association (APA), Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) […]

Why you should hire an agency to manage the social media of your business?

The complexity of social media is getting increased every day.  The increasing number of new social media platforms and new features make social media advanced day by day.  An average person spends around 9 hours online daily and has around 300 FB friends make social media too severe to ignore as a promotional platform for […]

Why Digital marketing is important for businesses?

How to get Outlook Email

No time to read, we got you covered. Listen to the article here. Digital marketing is the buzzword of the modern business world. Many corporations have a dedicated team to attend to their digital marketing aspects on daily basis. Why businesses put that much effort into digital marketing? What is digital marketing? We will find […]

Is Email marketing still relevant in 2021?

When the internet took over the world, everyone was excited about emails. Receiving an email was kind of joy at the beginning because it was new. But nowadays email is a common feature almost everyone uses daily basis and we are no more excited about sending or receiving an email. Decreasing the wow effect of […]

Let’s reduce eye strain by 20-20-20 rule

Eye Strain

Do you know an average adult spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on mobile devices daily? Do you know, on average we pick up our phones 58 times daily? And one pick up can set off a chain reaction? Researches find that 50% of screen time sessions start within 3 minutes of the previous one. […]