Avurudu Offer

This Sinhala and Tamil New Year, we’re turning one and we are offering you the best offer you’d see this year. Get the 20% off Avurudu Season limited time offer to kick start your Social Media awareness campaign or to revamp your brand website. If you opt-in for the bundle package you get your Social Media analyzed or set up absolutely free.


1ST APR 2022 - 30TH APR 2022

Offers are subject to availability at time of enquiry  and other restrictions may apply.

Offers are not valid in conjunction with any other offer or contract and do not apply to on going projects with HypeX. The rate do not include applicable mandatory fees (for example agency commission), or government imposed taxes, levies or surcharges, unless otherwise noted. If the project is abandoned before completion due to violation of terms of contract or any other reason, no fees paid leu of work can be refunded. Rates are subject to change.