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We are HypeX digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka that specializes in result-driven, customized, creative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. 

Our primary focus is ensuring customer satisfaction, driving revenue growth, and maximizing profits.

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Let’s put together a Strategy designed to command the attention of your customer while we become your trusted partner. From strategy to execution, we are the best digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka that really do what we have done for our brand while growing in tandem with you.

Our Promise

We don’t boast big numbers at the start to convince you! Consumers favour quality and availability, so we work hard to see that you are noticed. Furthermore, we will help you see beyond the standard marketing solutions and reach the right audience through digital marketing at a pace only limited by your ambition.


Our team has the knowledge and technical proficiency to deliver innovative, dependable solutions, from operational services to integration.

Creative Driven

We help brands find their unique voice making sure they stand out through all the noise. In the same way, we ensure the quality and integrity of what we create.

Strategically Focused

We create what we promise in concert with your brand purpose. Similarly, our rigorous work ethic is focused on achieving the measurable objectives of our clients.

Forward Thinkers

Let’s go digital and minimize the impact on earth from print. From performance marketing to after-sales service, we connect to every step of a customer’s journey.

Key Services

Our clients achieve their objectives more rapidly with our assistance while optimizing the return on their technology investments. Reach out to our experts through the contact us page or by simply calling or emailing us. We are ready to assist you on the other end.

We help brands through Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing making sure they stand out through all the noise.

Let’s lay the groundwork for your success by creating a brand identity for your business through the creation of a corporate logo and other distinguishing materials.

We help brands reach out to their target audience through mass media channels like TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio & Billboards, flyers, promotions, posters, and branded vehicles.

We create what we promise according to your brand purpose. Our rigorous work ethic is focused on achieving measurable objectives and creating world-class products for you.

We produce captivating videos that captivate viewers, compelling them to watch repeatedly, effectively conveying the concept, and breathing life into your brand.

Run your company using any device, anywhere in the globe, with no upfront hardware expenses and with affordable pricing plans including on-demand scalable pay-as-you-go models.

Why You Need Us

We carry the weight through creativity and influence. Creating real connections and driving results is what we do best. Tell us how we can help you get to your business goals.

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