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What’s the point of offering the best products the market offers if people don’t hear and know about it? 

There is so little word of mouth can do, even though it’s a strong way to bring in new customers. So let’s start advertising!

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Digital Marketing

We help brands through Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and content marketing, making sure they stand out through all the noise.

Web Designing

We create what we promise according to your brand purpose. Our rigorous work ethic focuses on achieving measurable objectives and creating world-class products for you.

Video Editing/ Animations

We create videos that people would want to watch over and over again, bringing out the concept effectively while blowing life to your brand.

Media Scheduling/ PR

Get your advertisements in newspapers and magazines on credit, or get your latest service or achievements published in print media.

ATL/BTL Advertising

We help brands reach their target audience through mass media channels like TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio & Billboards, flyers, promotions, posters, and branded vehicles.

Corporate Identity & Logo

Let the experts lay the groundwork for success, from creating the brand logo to setting up the brand’s identity that distinguishes you from other brands while communicating your values.

Digital marketing is emerging as the most secure and effective way to connect with potential consumers while Sri Lanka experiences one of the most difficult periods in recorded history. Every area is essentially saturated with competition as more and more companies emerge.

However, employing efficient digital marketing strategies guarantees that your company can stand out from the competition and draw in your target market.

Even if your company has the finest product on the market, you have little chance of increasing your sales if it doesn’t get to the correct customers in a timely manner. At HypeX, our experts can create the ideal digital marketing strategy that quickly reaches your target audience.

We are capable of increasing the traffic to your website with the potential to increase sales at a record time. With your comp set likely pursuing the same objectives, disregarding or starting your digital marketing campaign with the wrong team will probably cause you to fall behind.

Companies may visualize the customer journey and the steps necessary to convert a lead into a paying customer using the marketing funnel.

The marketing funnel may begin with raising awareness, but since consumer behaviour changes quickly and the one-size-fits-all factory model is rendered increasingly outdated by modern technological breakthroughs, it continues to alter.

HypeX’s digital marketing techniques will evaluate your customer flow and assist you in efficiently moving clients from one stage to the next.

You can ensure that more consumers finish their journey and make a purchase by periodically analyzing the funnel and taking action to close any gaps.

Let our skilled digital marketers evaluate the condition of your sales funnel and make sure you are focusing on the right prospects.

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the target audience’s ease of access to the material on your website. Everyone used the internet every day to seek information, and effective SEO may move your website up the ranks to reach the most targeted audience.

SEO is not a quick-money scheme! To fully benefit from your investment, you must be prepared to implement a long-term approach that calls for some level of patience.

In 3 to 4 months of intensive work, HypeX begins to rank websites in the top 20. Depending on the amount of rival activity, it takes a minimum of 6 to 8 months to rank a brand in the top 10.

Brands must make sure that their websites have the most recent upgrades and are built with SEO growth in mind. Keyword research, link-building strategies, competition analysis, website load speeds, mobile-responsive features, and many other things are all part of SEO.

You can progressively lower the cost of your SEO strategy and lay a strong foundation for the future by taking the time to improve each of these areas as well as numerous others.

The selection between SEO and PPC for a prospective digital marketing campaign ultimately comes down to your goals. While both digital marketing strategies are incredibly effective when used by skilled experts, SEO is great for producing long-term effects while PPC is best for instant gratification.

Even if it’s not always simple to decide, finances are frequently the deciding factor. There is a big probability that you will need to spend a large amount of money to accomplish your goals if your company operates in a highly competitive sector of the market.

It is possible to employ SEO as a longer-term strategy to drive targeted organic traffic to your website. Along with many other SEO techniques, you may use keyword research, excellent content, and technological upgrades to your advantage to move your website up the search engine ranks for a reasonable price. Many companies use SEO and PPC to get both short-term success and long-term benefits.

Case Studies: How HypeX Helped

Learn more about how we have helped Small businesses to Multinational companies in Sri Lanka and how we can help you increase your website traffic and generate more leads and sales.