What does the logo mean?

The Brand Name

There are many Digital Marketing companies in Sri Lanka but HYPEX DIGITAL has that special X factor that allows us to stand out among the competition. 

HYPEX is all about going beyond what is usually expected from an agency. 

The Intensive publicity/promotion we gain for brands through Digital Marketing is a fitting testament to the hard work we do often exceeding creative boundaries and that’s what our clients pay us for.

HYPEX is all about Innovating, Evolving and Growing together as a team in tandem with our clients.

The Colours


Red symbolizes our passion as a team towards our Work. 

We work passionately to deliver the best results for our clients and we don’t hold back.


Denotes to the world-class work we produce deriving from the ideas we brainstorm as content creators

We make sure to offer the best innovative and creative digital marketing methods of reaching the target market for our clients.

The Company Icon

Large Circle

Refers to the HypeX global presence as a business organization and as well as the 360-degree service delivery aspect. 

We make sure to cover all the aspects of Digital Marketing when catering to clients.

Four small interconnected circles

Four small interconnected circles represent the interrelated core values on which we operate upon. 

Our core values are the foundation of company culture and work ethics.

It is how we treat our clients as well as how we treat our team members. It’s a set of principles we practice and live by, and even expect from our stakeholders including clients.

Our Core Values

The small pie divided to the shape of the letter X represents our 4 core values we stand by and never compromise. 


HypeX takes on projects only if we can deliver the desired result with a budget that leads to customer satisfaction. 

Our actions and decisions are data-driven, and that makes our work failproof.


Our staff never repeat old and nearly obsolete methods and processes when working on projects. 

Continuous discussions within the team bring on the best innovative ideas to apply for projects based on the ever-improving knowledge base.


We take what we do very seriously. 

We guarantee consistency from start to end with the accountability of the projects we undertake despite the size of the project. 

We are responsible for our clients, and we know that!


Honesty and integrity are our hallmarks. 

We are transparent in what we do, and that is why our clients love us. 

Our team work as one unit to meet clients’ expectations. 

Our greatest asset is the trust we built with clients and among team members.