Case: Google Ads Cost And Service Fee In 2024

You may have noticed an increase in satellite clinics opening up recently, popping up like mushrooms nationwide.

In Sri Lanka, there is a notion that many doctors working for the government don’t make great money, and they could be making it in a private hospital or their practice.

In private hospitals and clinics in Sri Lanka, Doctors charge patients from LKR 500 to LKR 4500 and sometimes even over LKR 8000 per consultation, depending on their specialization in 2024.

In a rapidly changing health landscape in Sri Lanka, one entity stood like a beacon to innovation and excellence through digital marketing—a consortium of a few businesses in the healthcare sector working with HypeX in 2024.

The healthcare industry is primarily driven by word of mouth, which has the highest credibility and trust. Therefore, we aim to increase our visibility in the short term.

This case study further analyzes their three-month-long online marketing campaign from January to March 2024.

We will critically examine their strategies, implementation, and outcome. Building a brand from a logo to compete against the industry veterans is nothing new to the team at HypeX; here is what we did in the first three months.

It serves as a report of their success and, most importantly, a how-to for the subsequent attempts in the digital field of the healthcare industry. 


The objective was simple: raise brand awareness against the hustle locales of Negombo and Colombo, drive significant traffic to the brand website, and solidify these institutions as leaders in patient-focused, technology-forward health care.

So, the campaign focused on targeting “Adults,” “Families,” and “Individuals” who are predisposed toward options in private health care and digital comforts and ready to change the approach to health care services in Sri Lanka.

Strategy and Implementation

The Digital Triad: Visibility, Credibility, Profitability (VCP Process)


Central to the campaign process is the VCP process, which initially focuses on creating recognition and awareness, establishing the brands as credible and trustworthy, and finally, generating profit. 

This was a highly thought-out strategy for making the right impact on the target audience through digital platforms.

Social Media Surge

Most people were drawn through social media with a daily ad spend of USD 20 per platform, mainly through Facebook and Instagram. 

The hospital in Negombo alone drew close to 400,000 people, and its ads were displayed over 1.6 million times. 

The engagement metrics read impressively, with considerable interactions reflecting high resonance with the audience. The finding was that the content creation must be in Sinhalese outside of Colombo, and it turned out to be on point.

The campaign for the Clinic in Colombo further ascertained digital presence, reaching over 427,000 people and generating over 21,000 clicks to learn more about the clinic. 

This culminated in substantial leads and link clicks, thus validating the campaign’s effectiveness. 

We focused on a value-driven approach, highlighting the issues and then providing the solution through the clinic rather than a common service-highlighting approach.

Google Ads: A Game Changer

This campaign, conducted through Google Ads in February, recorded a phenomenal Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 20.84%, a CTR increase of 429.3%, and a drastic spike in the conversion rate by 1998.6%. 

We considered the data we got in January at a daily budget of USD 18 per day, revised the strategy, increased the daily budget to USD 50, and adjusted it further in March.

March 2024 also maintained the same wave of success, leaving it with a unique CTR of 34.22% and a fantastic cost per conversion. 

Although it had characteristics of discrepancies when the engagement was high, the modest number of appointments was booked.

Outcomes and Impact 

The campaign, maintained over three months, reached its objectives and became a new benchmark in this segment of digital marketing for the healthcare industry. 

It proves the power of applied targeted digital marketing strategies that access and engage the right audience, boosting website traffic and online appointments by over 70%.

The Importance of Momentum

It emphasizes the most critical insight: momentum in marketing, or, in other words, momentum is crucial to digital marketing. 

Its loss would push down the initiatives of visibility, engagements, and conversions or even weaken the position of markets. 

This highlighted the importance of keeping engagement and innovation flowing from success achieved.

SEO and Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the Backbone of Digital Presence.

A key learning was the role of SEO and content marketing in fortifying the digital present. 

Therefore, campaign success lies in immediate metrics and laying a foundation for a long-term visibility plan through search engine optimization and rich content.


The three-month digital marketing campaign for these three businesses in the healthcare industry unfolds the sheer potential of transformational possibilities in digital marketing for the healthcare sector. 

It did not just meet its objectives well but also set a roadmap for sustainable engagement and growth. 

This case study underlines the criticality and contribution of strategic digital marketing to capturing and converting target audiences while simultaneously repeating the value and necessity of innovating, continuing, and adapting to today’s digitized environment. 

With healthcare reforms continuously advancing, the lessons learned through this campaign will undoubtedly offer invaluable insights to marketers today who are shaping their brands toward survival and competitiveness in the future. Please write in English.

Differentiating your business from your competition is crucial if you want to boost your revenue and avoid competing in a price war. 

You’ll need to think outside the box and be able to stand out from the crowd to do this. 

However, if you don’t have more time to do this and follow up consistently over a long period, working with a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka can help you maintain a strong online brand presence.

Look no further than HypeX Digital Marketing Agency!

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