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There are countless ways to interact with customers with the advent of the digital age. 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all that’s climbing the ranks like TikTok, Triller, Clubhouse and with so much noise big brands have realized that, with the massive rise of newer platforms, they need smaller, more flexible agencies to maintain their influence.

Think big, start small

Small teams don’t mean they can’t get you where you want to be. These small agencies update themselves well because they are used to been asked the question ” Why we should hire your agency?” which is hardly brought forward in a discussion with a large agency.

Many large agencies can afford to hire the best talent that’s available in the market but the exceptionally skilled are always starting small. A few years back the trend was to get a small agency under the large company umbrella and get them to do what they do best for the company only.

Effective and viable

2020 and the years preceding have seen a major leap forward in terms of the demand increase for digital marketing because it has been the only viable option for visibility for brands.

The smaller agencies work twice as hard as the established large agencies because their success is tied to the success of their clients and that’s their shot at scoring their next client.

The best ideas always emanate from small teams who don’t just study social media trends, they live & breathe them. – Jess Philips, CEO of The Social Standard.

Staying true to innovation

Flexibility is something a lot of companies lose when they get big. 

The organizational structure compartmentalize innovation which was the key driving factor when they were small and focus more on scoring more clients. 

A small agency like HypeX would take responsibility for a campaign’s direction and actively make changes when necessary.

Why get under par work from a bloated large agency where they rarely possess the flexibility needed to give the attention a client needs. 

When clients have the option to a cost-effective alternative to get world-class work done that meets the requirement while having the access to a dedicated talent pool.

The challenging time we are facing as a country, and the immense need for need-based growth-driven, customized, and creative digital marketing solutions, has caused an upheaval that presented brands in Sri Lanka with an opportunity to rethink their strategies and find the perfect fit that best suits their brand vision.

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