Google’s New Inactivity Policy Could Lead to Gmail Deletion

Attention all Gmail and Google Photos users in Sri Lanka! 

Should your virtual visits to these accounts have dwindled, the pendulum beckons you to re-engage.

In a recent twist, Google unfurled a significant metamorphosis concerning its dormancy protocols. Come December 1, 2023, accounts languishing in desuetude might find themselves eclipsed.

Such a stratagem emerges as a vanguard against potential clandestine intrusions into forsaken digital sanctuaries.

Thus, to shield your treasured correspondences and visual chronicles from oblivion, heed Google’s counsel: breathe life into your accounts, lest the sands of time claim them prematurely.

Google's Inactivity Policy Update

In May, Google began warning users about the impending changes to their inactivity policy.

Once more, with a heightened sense of urgency, they beseech their patrons to spring into action ahead of the designated hourglass’s final grain.

The technological colossus delineates a recalibrated period of inactivity for all encompassed Google accounts to span a biennial cycle.

In essence, should any digital alcove under Google’s dominion lie dormant or evade authentication for an unbroken duo of annular orbits, it stands on the precipice of being branded ‘inactive’ and risks an impending eclipse.

What's at Stake?

For those with inactive accounts, this could lead to the loss of valuable data, emails, and cherished memories stored on Google Photos. 

The potential impact is significant, and users need to be aware of the risks involved.

Prevention Measures

The good news is that Google is giving users ample notice and providing a grace period before any action is taken. 

If your account is identified as inactive, Google will send several reminder emails to you and your recovery email addresses, if provided, at least eight months before any deletion occurs. 

Therefore, you’ll have enough time to reactivate your account and prevent any data loss.

How to Prevent Deletion

Google has made it simple for users to keep their accounts active. All you need to do is perform one or more of the following activities:

Read or send an email: Sending or receiving an email using your Gmail account will help keep it active.

Use Google Drive: Uploading or accessing files on Google Drive is another effective way to maintain account activity.

Watch a YouTube clip: Enjoying your favorite YouTube videos will also contribute to keeping your account active.

Share a photo: Utilize Google Photos to share and store pictures, ensuring your account remains in use.

Sign in to the account and perform web searches: Regularly logging into your account and performing web searches will help maintain activity.

Secure Your Account - Protect Your Data

Google’s primary motive behind this policy change is to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access to dormant accounts. 

Forgotten or unattended accounts are more likely to be compromised because they often rely on old or reused passwords, lack two-factor authentication, and receive fewer security checks from users. 

By encouraging account activity, Google aims to minimize these risks and keep your data safe.


As December 1, 2023, draws closer, it is essential to act now and safeguard your Gmail and Google Photos accounts from potential deletion. 

Following Google’s advice and using your accounts regularly will ensure your data remains secure and accessible.

Embrace the opportunity to protect your digital assets and cherish your memories stored on Google’s platform. 

Let’s embrace this change as a step toward a safer and more secure online experience!