Increase online hotel bookings in 2023

One of the most diverse sectors of tourism that isn’t well or even at all regulated is the travel business.

Online travel agencies are the ideal illustration of how a highly fragmented business can be taken over in less than ten years, leapfrogging the travel industry’s behemoths in terms of turnover.

Travel agents are a crucial source of income whether you are in charge of running a resort, a chain of hotels, or a property with a certain theme. 

However, some travel agents are well-versed in both online and physical environments. Online travel agencies fall into two categories:

B2C (Business To Consumer) | B2B (Business To Business)

How do B2C channels work for hotels?

Both of these sectors are beneficial to hotels. 

However, the B2C business strategy targets last-minute customers who are either currently traveling or have trip plans within the next three months, and thus produces income in lower volumes but more often than B2B channels.

How do B2B Channels work for hotels?

The top travel agencies in Sri Lanka are kept in the dark about some B2B channels that produce big volumes because they are protected as trade secrets. 

These B2B channels are destination/market-specific travel specialists who occasionally provide tour operators or travel agents with discounted prices. 

In order to prevent local travel agency pricing from being broadcast by online travel agencies worldwide, many hotels now provide a B2B rate. 

Business-to-business marketing entices early planners with alluring bundles.

B2C Channels that you should be listed in 2022

B2C Channels that you should be listed in 2022

Before you sign up with Online Travel agents

We may look at global distribution systems in a later post as another strategy to increase your sales income streams. 

Additionally, you must confirm that using Online Travel Agent B2C channels is the best option for your hotel because the majority of these channels have sizable marketing budgets. 

Consequently, they won’t think twice about diverting bookings from your brand website to their channel.

Therefore, be careful to avoid paying a commission for a booking that was yours, to begin with.

For your hotels’ B2B & B2C channels, you can have market or season-specific prices.

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