Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?

Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?

Why is Facebook losing the tech game?

How is Facebook (FB) going downhill? Why are users abandoning the once Market leader, who was the first social media platform to surpass one billion registered accounts in history?

The biggest loss

It has started losing its daily users in huge chunks for the first time in its 18-year-old history. 

FB usage was quite stagnant in the North American region for some time but the drop in other regions is massive and prominent. 

Specially. The declining users of FB in Latin America, Africa and India are pretty prominent in this context.

The above statistical graph shows the loss of millions of active users even though FB has added European region users and Asia pacific users into the total.

Further, the great falling of the flagship company of Meta, has caused the biggest single-day loss for the parent company in its 18-year-old history. 

Meta’s stock price declined more than 26% by the 03rd February 2022 afternoon.


What’s the reason behind users leaving Facebook?

There are plenty of reasons why users are abandoning the once dominated social platform.


It’s not a secret that FB tracks users when they visit other websites and apps. 

Unlike Apple which has introduced IDFA to protect data transparency.

FB is pretty keen on losing SMB advertisers by stopping tracking.

Data privacy threat

Facebook tends to collect a huge amount of data from users. 

The data which many users would prefer to keep private such as search history and location are being collected by FB daily.

Whatsapp shares user data with Facebook

When Meta acquired Whatsapp in 2014, it declared that two platforms will be kept separate, which is not in practice nowadays whatsoever. 

For example, unless you are not protected by GDPR ( General data protection regulation ), WhatsApp shares user data with FB which irritates many users.

Too many ads

One of the main reasons young generations get detached themselves from FB is because it’s cluttered with too many ads which deteriorate the overall user experience.

“Outdated feel”

Even though FB copies many new features of the latest social media apps and implements them into their platform, young users still think FB is kind of outdated and not in trend as compared to Tik Tok and Snapchat.

What kind of action would save Facebook from losing further daily users? Meta’s focus on Metaverse would turn the tables for the company?

Let us know your thoughts!!!

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