Let’s get your email added to Outlook

How to get Outlook Email

Setting up Outlook is not hard!

Let’ get started with Outlook for your office or personal email. If you are not tech savvy and can’t get your head around these technical jargon, here are easy steps you can follow with pictures on Outlook Email Setup. If you have further questions that’s not answered here please feel free to comment or inbox us on our Social Media handles.

Outlook Email Setup Process


Step 1

Open the Outlook application from start menu or click on the app on your smartphone.

Step 2

Click on Tools and then Account Settings

Setup Outlook easy

Step 2

Once the new window comes up in Outlook; Click on NEW

Outlook Mail Setup

Step 3

In the next window, select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click on Next.

Set up email in outlook

Step 4

Select Internet E-mail in the Outlook window and click on Next.

Setup Email

Step 5

Enter your name and e-mail address at user information. Select POP3 for the account type and enter pop.mail.com as incoming server and smtp.mail.com as outgoing server. Enter your mail.com e-mail address and password as log in credentials. Click on More Settings. Replace the text in your Outlook window “YOUREMAIL.COM” with your email address. 

Incoming mail server: mail.YOUREMAIL.COM

Outgoing mail server: mail.YOUREMAIL.COM

Outlook Mail Setup

Step 6

Select the Outgoing Server tab. Check My outgoing server requires authentication.

Setup Outlook easy

Step 7

Select the Advanced tab. Enter 995 next to Incoming server and check This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL). Enter 587 next to Outgoing server and select TLS as encrypted connection type (a). If a copy of your e-mail should stay in your mail.com mailbox, check Leave a copy of messages on the the server (b). Click on OK (c) and on Next (d).

Outlook setup

Hope this helps! Let us know what else would you need assistance with. You can create a free Outlook Email all you got to do it click the link below.

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