The secret keys to improving your PPC campaign

As you already know, PPC campaign ( Pay Per Click Campaign ) is an internet marketing model based campaign, in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ads get clicked. PPC is one of the proven methods to increase brand awareness  and boost sales over time . Google confirms that you can increase brand awareness by 80%, using the PPC model.

Here are top 05 secret keys to improve your PPC campaign for more rewarding results

Keywords are the primary key

Always make sure you select the keywords with the highest CTR. Don’t pile up your content with loads of keywords, unless they are the best you can include. Lets say, your target audience lives in another country. Then use a VPN service to find out the best performing keywords of that particular country.

Keywords quality is the main key

Let us reiterate this. Do not overload your content with too many keywords. The reason behind many PPC campaigns not getting their desired results is, they are having too many keywords. So please stop cluttering your ad copy with too many keywords and invest some effort on improving the quality of keywords.

When improving the keyword quality score, you may consider below three facts

  • The relevance of the keywords
  • CTR
  • Landing page experience


Listing the negative keywords is an important key

By listing negative keywords, you can avoid unnecessary traffic for your ads and save your budget too. Be vigilant about negative keywords

Remarking is the saving key

The missed opportunities due to  high bouncing rate are too big to be neglected. Remarketing is targeting your ads to the audience, who has already viewed your products and services. This audience is still in the awareness level. You can use the right remarketing strategy to capture them soon.

Ad extensions are the additional key

Ad extensions offer the additional information of your brand. You may use either manual ad extension or automatic ad extension

It is fair to say, in order to run a successful PPC campaign you need to have a specialized knowledge about it and a special skill set, which comes through studying about the PPC model and experience of working with such ad campaigns. We as HYPE, have the best resources and the expertise to manage your PPC campaign and gain most out of it. Give us a call and start your PPC campaign with us now!!!