TikTok Top 10 Hashtags In 2022

In this day and age of TikTok, there is hardly anyone who hadn’t seen a Hashtag. 

It’s a word or phrase that begins with the hash symbol “#”. 

We have done a quick look at what’s trending on TikTok in April 2022 and what’s picking up views on TikTok in the past 4 months.

It is used to categorize content on social media, such as tweets on Twitter or Facebook postings or TikTok videos. 

Hence, people can use a hashtag to search for content regarding specific topics.

People can also use hashtags to identify content that is relevant to their interests and to follow conversations on a certain subject.

Today for Sri Lanka the trending hashtag is #GoHomeGota where people protest the corrupt government in the country.

Growth of technology and the way we engage with it is changing rapidly. Therefore, digital marketing in 2022 will be considerably different from what it was in the early 2000s.

For example, Google Algorithm has progressed, allowing content creators and website developers to focus more on quality content and mobile-friendly designs.

What’s popular on TikTok right now?

We have explored the popular TikTok hashtags by industry, country and time and here are for content creators and brands, are the top keywords to use for branding your business as a relevant organization in society.











Looking for a little creative inspiration?

As a brand manager you will have to discover what’s popular on TikTok and other similar platforms right.

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A/B testing is a technique for comparing two different versions of a website to evaluate which one performs better.

One version is referred to as the “control,” while the other is referred to as the “treatment.”

This strategy can be used to determine which aspects of a website are the most effective at converting visitors into leads or customers.

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