Future of a Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka

Digital marketing is evolving every day. Digital marketing agencies competing with each other is not a new thing. Globalization brings unlimited potential for Sri Lankan digital marketing agencies so they can work with international clients. Parallel to that, globalization expose local digital marketing agencies to severe global competition also. So the future of a digital marketing agency highly depends on the ability of one’s adjustability and coping strategy.

We will have a look at what the future stores for digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka would be.


As a digital marketing agency, you have this unlimited opportunity of working internationally. But, to survive and thrive in long run, what you should do is to get closer to local businesses. Built a trustworthy relationship with local entrepreneurs. In that way, you can create a loyal and steady client base locally.

Further, there is a trend of companies trying to build their own in-house digital marketing teams to save costs. This is a huge challenge for digital marketing agencies. So, to overcome that, you have to showcase the uniqueness of your agency. You have to gain every advantage of evolving technology to save cost and energy to be viable. For example, utilizing techniques such as zero code web development can be used to save time. You have to accumulate diversified skills and technologies to convince the clients that you are the one-stop shop for digital marketing in Sri Lanka.

Positioning matters

Among the competitors how you are going to position yourself? Are you a digital marketing agency with a few specialized skills? or you are more of an all-rounder kind of an agency? Either way, you have to position yourself uniquely in clients minds. Investing in boosting brand recognition matters a lot in this case. 

Be relevant

Provide need-based solutions for clients. Try to adjust your products and services according to clients’ requirements rather than trying to readymade products to customers. The growing trend is that businesses prefer to receive an integrated professional service from a digital marketing agency. Hence, a digital marketing agency should prepare themselves to provide a high-end design and well a bunch of services as well. 

Being relevant to upcoming trends is much needed. For example, experts predict, web designing and SEO will have rising popularity in future.

Learn and grow

You have to upskill yourself to survive in the future. According to industry experts, Digital marketing agencies will have to deal with Voice-activated systems and AI in upcoming years. If you don’t invest in learning and acquiring the skills related to these technologies, it will be hard to compete. So, be proactive and be prepared.


Voice activated systems are the new future

What else do you think, will shape the future for a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka?

Let us know!

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