Social Media Management

Are you looking to stay connected with your customers and receive feedback through Social Media? 

HypeX Social Media Executives can help you develop an SMM strategy that will accurately evaluate your situation and make the necessary recommendations. 

Social media marketing is an internet marketing technique that involves content sharing, videos, images, and paid social media advertising to promote branding objectives. 

It is essential to remember that your customers are on Social Media, and your competitors are striving to get a share of it. 

Ensure your company effectively uses Social Media to update customers on new products, services, and events while attracting potential customers.

Why social media is important?

According to Statista, adults now spend an average of 53.8 minutes on TikTok, surpassing even YouTube.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that uses social media networks to achieve communication and branding goals. 

This type of marketing includes activities such as sharing content, videos, and images for promotional purposes, as well as paid social media advertising.

Depending on your chosen digital strategy, the objective of social media management varies. 

This is a fast communication platform and an easy way to build a strategic advantage over the competition by creating a presence for the brand and a captive, loyal following. 

Furthermore, social media management focuses more on using social media pages. In contrast, social media marketing/advertising focuses more on creating and executing a strategy to generate leads and drive growth for your business through your presence on these platforms.

Discover the Benefits of Social Media Marketing!

Attention and retention are crucial factors in today’s society. 

With so many things vying for our attention, it’s essential to be able to capture and hold it. 

This is especially true for brands, as effective social media marketing and establishing higher brand authority can increase brand recognition and loyalty.

To achieve this, it’s essential to have a robust online presence, including a Facebook business account, X (Twitter) accounts, and Google map positioning, to establish credibility and attract potential customers. 

Social media can also help boost sales and create new opportunities for finding prospects. Research has shown that social media platforms have higher conversion rates than traditional marketing methods.

In addition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for better search results and higher rankings, resulting in increased Inbound Traffic. 

Social Media Marketing offers a more extensive customer base at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing methods, such as newspapers, journals, or magazines.

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How to Post on Social Media?

Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

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Drive Social Media Growth with HypeX beside you

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Create Engaging Social Media Content

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When is the ideal time to post on Facebook in 2024?

The best time to post on Facebook is whenever you prefer, but you should also consider your target audience’s daily routine and screen time. It’s better to publish high-quality content tailored to your specific audience rather than generic content for everyone.

When is the ideal time to post on Instagram in 2024?

It is recommended to post on Instagram and share Reels a maximum of two times in a day. Posting more than that may have a negative impact on your previous posts. You can also go live once a week and update your Instagram Stories no more than four times a day.

When is the ideal time to post on X in 2024?

X social media platform does not penalize users for posting low-quality content, allowing them to post an unlimited amount and repurpose the best-performing posts on other social media platforms.

When is the ideal time to post on LinkedIn in 2024?

The recommended frequency for LinkedIn posts is once per day, with at least a few hours between each post.

When is the ideal time to post on TikTok in 2024?

The optimal frequency for posting on TikTok is to upload one to three times every day. It’s essential to post at least every other day to gain momentum on TikTok. Even if you create top-notch content, inconsistency in posting can make it challenging for you to grow on the platform.

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses in Sri Lanka to connect with their target audience, build their brand, and drive sales. 

Here are some of how social media marketing in Sri Lanka can help a business: increased brand awareness, improved customer engagement, cost-effective advertising, enhanced customer service, and valuable insights and data. 

With a clear strategy and consistent approach, businesses can use social media marketing to build their brand, engage with customers, and drive sales.

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