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Lead generation is such an important benefit, isn’t it!

Need to get more leads and build a loyal audience, while building a digital marketing strategy that works for you?

Why use social media? With the pandemic ravaging through the society, more and more businesses are looking for cost effective mediums such as digital marketing to connect with consumers and the people who influence. 

It’s not only because of the current situation of the world but because traditional methods of marketing to customers like advertising or direct mail became less and less effective.

engage audiences with increased Online Presence

Improve your Digital Media Marketing Strategy

From building a strategy to increase online visibility to increasing leads and sales, we can help you with your business.

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Benefits of using social media

  1. Build relationships and increase reach
  2. Share your expertise and build the brand
  3. Increase your visibility and drive traffic
  4. Educate yourself of trends and create organic content
  5. Connect anytime and evaluate your performance

Why businesses need Hype X

  1. Too much time consuming to manage
  2. Need a qualified team
  3. Content needs to be non-repetitive and interesting
  4. Need a team to handle bad publicity
  5. Need to pay attention all the time

Hype X Social Strengths at a glance

Our Social Points

You might want to be the big fish in the pond or expand your business to be a global brand. If so, consistency is key! Let us do what we do best for us  for you.

Success Rate 98%
Success Rate 95%
Success Rate 92%
Success Rate 89%
Success Rate 85%
Web Designing/ SEM/ SEO/ SMM
Success Rate 99%
ATL/BTL Advertising
Success Rate 98%
Branding/Media Scheduling/ PR
Success Rate 95%
Video Editing/ Animations
Success Rate 85%

Our Marketing Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

You don’t know exactly what you can do with your brand and to bring it out creatively is where set your goals and look for an agency. A good relationship is a partnership, which means everyone is responsible for doing your part not just the agency.

We solve real problems

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