How to build a strong brand in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a lower middle income earning and developing country. Many sectors contribute to the Sri Lankan economy including Tea, Tourism, the Apparel industry and so on. These industries gain the most foreign exchange to the country. Is there any way we can use the increasing trend of digital marketing to boost these industries? Let us find out.

Digital marketing and the Tea industry

The tea industry is one of the key players in the Sri Lankan economy. The tea industry alone has contributed to more than 1 million employment opportunities and approximately earn 15% of the total foreign income. Ceylon tea is world-famous for its authentic taste and herbal properties.

Tea Industry

To promote Sri Lankan tea, Digital marketing tools can be used. Targeted social media marketing campaigns may spread awareness of Ceylon tea. Social media and the Internet are the best pathways to approach new customers around the globe.

Digital Marketing and Tourism industry

The third-largest foreign exchange earning sector of Sri Lanka is Tourism. With the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, the Sri Lankan tourism industry went downhill since last year. It is not a secret that Government invests a lot to up bring tourism sector in Sri Lanka, again. Digital marketing strategies such as Influencer marketing and content marketing are the best tools to promote the Sri Lankan tourism industry.

Tourism Industry

Launching promotional campaigns with renowned influencers and creating relevant content to advertise the most attractive tourism destinations of Sri Lanka is the way to get discovered by prospects.

Digital marketing and Apparel industry

Apparel export is one of the main contributors to the Sri Lankan economy. For example, in 2019, Sri Lankan apparel exports earned around 5.3 USD billion. It is recommended that Sri Lanka should move from just manufacturing and exporting apparel to creating entire supply chains for the fashion industry. Digital marketing strategies such as Mobile marketing, In-store tech and Social media influencer campaigns are best to boost the apparel sector of Sri Lanka.

Apparel Industry

Industries can grow with digital marketing. Especially during the pandemic and even in the post-pandemic, traditional marketing will have limitations. Hence it is better to move forward with digital marketing.

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