Top 10 Tech YouTubers in Sri Lanka

Here we present the top talent talking about tech related topics on YouTube. Here’s the top ten tech YouTubers in Sri Lanka at the moment ( 22/02/2023 ). 

This is HYPE X ranking based on different criteria but please do note a more weightage has been given for their content. 

Techie Cony

Started in 2017 with a series of image and video based series, cony show gained popularity over the years with reaching 97.9k subscribers today.

The videos are presented by an independent Web video producer focused on Education, Technology and consumer electronics. 

TechieCony channel:  Here

Panda Tech

Kalana Sathsara started his YouTube channel Panda Tech on 30/01/2020. Contemporary content creation and the simple yet effective presentation made his YouTube channel grow faster. At the moment, Panda Tech has reached 224k subscribers.

Among his most viewed videos, WhatsApp mobile secrets and Homemade Air cooler, present the most practical and significant content

Panda Tech channel: Here

Sinhala Tech

This young engineering graduate started his YouTube channel “ Sinhala Tech “ in 2016. Through  Sinhala Tech channel he brings you the latest phone and tech gadget reviews as well as Life Hacks. Sinhala Tech YouTube channel currently has 7,369,848 views and 193k subscribers. Even though these days Sinhala tech is into reviewing video games most of the time, his most popular videos include many tech-related contents such as Fidget spinner unboxing and review and 10 tips before buying used iPhones

Sinhala Tech YouTube channel:  Here


Praveen Kanishka’s YouTube channel started in 2019. Same as Panda Tech, Shark Boy sl also creates content that is practical and useful for daily life. Because of this reason, Shark Boy SL has reached a total number of views of 7,360,572 and a total number of subscribers of 305k in a short period of time. His most popular videos are Data and Calls, SMS free big offer and E-money part 6 Earn money in your phone

Shark Boy SL YouTube channel:  Here

PC Guide lk

The most informative content of latest tech products and technologies are presented through pcguide lk YouTube channel. This channel was started in 2012. This is one of those rare YouTube channels which review and provide honest opinions on a huge variety of tech devices from calculators to space shuttles. This educational tech channel has 20,633,400 views so far and has 300k subscribers. 

Pcguide lk YouTube channel : Here

SL Photo

SLPhoto YouTube channel started presenting a number of photoshop skills and hacks, but eventually widen its scope to review different tech devices and E-Money methods. Started in 2017, this YouTube channel has 18,381,450 views and 394k subscribers so far. The most popular videos of SLPhoto are How to make money from online, Best budget smartphones under RS 30,000 in 2021.

SLPhoto YouTube channel: Here


Embark on a journey of technological exploration with iLanka, your gateway to a universe of tech knowledge and hidden gems. Delve into the depths of exclusive reviews, unveil the mysteries of unboxing experiences, and master the art of e-money transactions. Let iLanka be your guide as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, uncovering comparisons that will revolutionize your tech choices, and unveiling the latest trends you never knew existed.

So far 31k Subscribers. The most viewed videos of iLanka include iPhone 15 Pro Max Sinhala

iLanka YouTube channel:  Here

Tech Track

One of the most sought-after YouTube channels which speak about Science and Technology. Created by Malinda Alhakoon in 2013, this YouTube channel has an ever-growing audience, as well as a consistent number of view counts for each video. TechTrack has 13,245,039 views

So far and 350k Subscribers. The most viewed videos of Tech Track includes Last minute exam secrets and How to make money on YouTube

TechTrack YouTube channel :  Here

SL Geek

SL Geek was started in 2014 and it speaks about the latest smartphones, tech devices, tech news as well as programming. Currently, it has 38,413,769 views and 758k subscribers. SL Geek has started to present content about different random non-tech-related topics lately such as CIMA qualification, All about coffee and Kapruka Global shop. The most popular SL Geek videos are IMO top secrets and Tips and WhatsApp Top secrets

SL Geek YouTube channel: Here

Nimesh Academy

Nimesh academy started in 2018 and mainly speaks about the latest tech hacks and tech updates. Even though Nimesh started his YouTube channel a couple of years ago, the channel grew rapidly due to its popularity. Currently, Nimesh Academy YouTube channel has 46,720,112 views and 974k subscribers. The most popular videos include Change WhatsApp Homescreen wallpaper 2020 and Top 4 Data saving tips for Android

Nimesh Academy YouTube channel: Here

Chanux Bro

Chanux is a software engineer , Award-winning social media personality, Information Technology Consultant, Digital Media consultant, QA analyst, Guest Lecturer based in Sri Lanka. He started his tech YouTube channel “ Chanux Bro“ in 2008. 

Even though Chanux YouTube channel is based on tech reviews, currently it has broadened its scope to different areas such as E-money, Cyber Crimes, Business, Timely topics like COVID-19. Channel has 137,562,058 views at the moment and 1.81 million subscribers. 

His most popular videos are Sinhala Geek show – How to find unknown phone numbers and The world’s cutest robot

Chanux Bro YouTube channel : Here

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