Why choose a Boss, not a job?

Do employees often leave at your workplace?

Do you have a meaningful work environment?

Are you working in a company that’s in survival mode?

If the answer is “Yes” to either one of these questions, you might find insight regarding your job in this article.

Good VALUES, ATTITUDES, BELIEFS are the hallmarks of a great company.

The best people managers invest in their employees’ talent and potential through mentoring jut like how we do at HypeX360.

In a rapidly changing workplace that is evolving with technology and global markets with COVID-19 Pandemic ravaging through the nation, positioning oneself for the future is critical for the success of the company and the team as well.

In an volatile environment like this, faster thinking can increase the chance of success in planning, goal setting, problem-solving, and the ability to stay focused on tasks making you a great at your job.

Here are a few points that will help you understand the culture of a company in survival mode.

  1. Lack of leadership

  2. No clear vision and mission

  3. No clear job roles and responsibility

  4. Compromised values, attitudes and beliefs

Without a thriving culture, companies are susceptible to disruptive innovations such as AI.

When you are joining a new team, you need to make sure you are with people that you are healthy together.

People are hardwired to connect, and our brains will never fully realize if we are not with the right people.

When you have high performers with the average performers, the research shows that it drags the high performers down.

So having the right team is essential to success.

Work Culture at Workplace

Good bosses understand how employees are motivated.

Are they motivated by pain or, are they motivated by pleasure? They approach every employee according to motivation type. Some go all out, and others want to protect what they have and know. Approach to these two types are unique and good bosses know how to reach out to them.

For employers: Hire for motivational fit than just hiring for your preference based on the CV. Just because someone can do the job doesn’t mean they will do it.

Hire employee effect

Research shows that low performers score higher in interviews. So make sure you get the right people in a team without risking the overall performance of the team.

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