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Use the growth hacks that worked in taking a project from idea to stardom in less than four months to your benefit.

We are who you need to unlock your potential to steady growth with a combination of creativity, technology and performance-based digital marketing. We are the hottest chilli in the market right now. Don’t take our word for it, analyze our website first! Let’s chat about how we do it every time a client comes with a problem.

HYPE X is a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka that branched out from a media agency marketing Sri Lankan brands to the world.

Digital Marketing Sri Lanka

What you need to start the

5X growth strategy For Sri Lanka

What is the most important goal you need to achieve this quarter?

We know the four vital points mentioned below open up new opportunities to succeed. Let’s take the first step and work out a plan that works for you.

Digital Marketing is the new buzzword in the corporate world, with the pandemic ravaging globally. Whether it’s an Inbound Marketing Campaign, Online Advertising, E-commerce, Social Media or Content Marketing, you need to start on the right note. Usually, the virtual storefront of the brand tells potential customers whether they should buy from you or not. Therefore, let’s focus on making your website a visually appealing and high performing advertisement for your brand.

  • Finding more leads to increase income?
  • Create quality content to market products more persuasively?
  • Grow your online presence by gaining more followers?
  • Drive growth and scale up fast?
  • Optimizing new strategy and testing new tactics?

Digital Marketing is a trending topic today, and many think it’s easy to get done. Even though you have a website and social media channel for your brand, if you don’t have the right content strategy and the best web vitals in place, you might have just thrown your money into a fire that’s slowly burning your business.

The perfect con: How am I failing at Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka?

If someone says Digital marketing is just marketing, chances are you are hearing from someone who has not understood the playing field very well. Hence, most brands often don’t see a return on investment from investing in an agency to do Online Advertising or Marketing.

There is much that doesn’t meet the eyes!

It all starts with understanding your need, target audience and psychology of the people and your persuasive tactic. From the colour book to the final sale, there is a lot that a general agency might not understand unless they have an advertising background.

Faster and smarter than the average joe!

From signing up to competitor newsletters to following them on social media, you can always understand what your competition is doing and innovate new ways to reach out to people by creating content that turns heads and keeps them hooked to your products.
Getting this done is a full-time job. If you don’t want to hire skilled people for your permanent cadre, you need the help of a digital marketing agency with a proven track record.

Not for just creating visually appealing content but content that persuade sales. Let’s look at the big picture taking one step at a time.
As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users globally. Previously, you would know the location you need to showcase your products understanding the analytics. Your ads were seen by people that actively looked for brands with all the powerful tools and services around them. 

Advertising to people that fit the targeted audience may seem a comfortable task. Brands may have the best products the industry has to offer, with unmatched quality and unique features, but if people don’t know about this product, brands often suffer in sales numbers.

Digital Marketing Sri Lanka

Leveraging human behaviour and online marketing methods such as social media marketing, SEO, email marketing & digital marketing strategies is the way forward to get a competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry.

Just turning heads or are you actually making sales? 

When you plan to work with a digital marketing agency, try to find an exceptional team. Often it would be a small agency with a proven track record with prior experience in your industry. Make the digital marketing agency you work with your extended marketing team. Once you understand your customer and where they are, the agency can create a plan and discuss it with you. Try to keep an open mind on a budget because reaching out to people online is not as a cheap task as many assume.

Your master plan:

Partner with Us to Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals. Once you know where you need to go you need to work out the plan on how you are going to get there. 

Competition is war in the digital landscape and if you are not fighting you are already losing. Together, we’ll develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. 

Our data-driven approach ensures that every campaign is tailored to deliver results, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or boosting sales.

Have you given thought to what type of marketing are you going to start doing as your first step? You would start with the top of the funnel in building awareness for your brand. Below are the steps most brands take to achieve success with their digital marketing plan.

  1. Website Development
  2. Digital Strategy
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Pay Per Click Advertising
  5. Social Media Advertising
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Email Marketing

Why You Need HYPE X?

We carry the weight through creativity, influence and experience. Creating real connections and driving results is what we do best. Tell us how we can help you get to your business goals. Contact us today!