CASE: Transformation of AgStar PLC’s Identity

Agriculture is the backbone of many economies, and for close to two decades, AgStar PLC has been at the forefront of this domain in Sri Lanka. 

They have not just been suppliers of seeds, fertilizer, and crop care solutions, but have also stood as the bridge between traditional agricultural practices and modern Agri-Tech innovations. 

With a heart for sustainable farming, AgStar’s commitment to both nature and the country’s farming community is palpable. 

Their dream? A Sri Lanka where every farmer’s hope culminates in a bountiful harvest.

With such a powerful vision, it was essential that their online identity resonated with their values and mission. 

They needed a digital footprint that would depict them as the Farmers’ ‘One-Stop’ Agent of Prosperity. That has positioned their brand as a change agent driving their business on shared values.

The Challenge:

AgStar PLC had a rich tapestry of a corporate story to tell. It was not just about their products but also their journey, their leadership, their commitment to innovation and sustainability, and their contribution to Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry for over 2 decades. 

The primary challenge lies in representing all these facets in a coherent, engaging, and user-friendly manner. 

Furthermore, they also needed a platform to share their most recent news, events, and career opportunities.

The Solution & Benefits:

Online Brand Identity:
We took the concept, From Hope to Harvest, and turned it into a digital reality. 

The website was crafted to portray AgStar PLC as every farmer’s mainstay – a place they could turn to at any stage of their farming journey and a company that actively goes to the farmer to assist.

Information Architecture:
Our project managers and designers dove deep into understanding AgStar’s offerings and values. 

The result? A well-strategized concept that positions AgStar as the agent that drives their business on shared values. The website offered clear navigation paths, easy access to information, and a holistic overview of AgStar’s corporate identity.

Sophisticated Web Design:
We understood that AgStar wasn’t just another agri-business. They had a legacy, a vision, and a mission. We made sure their online presence reflected this uniqueness. We prioritized:

  • Company History: An engaging timeline that narrates their journey and milestones.
  • Vision & Mission: Articulately expressed, inspiring every visitor.
  • Leadership: A showcase of the driving forces behind AgStar.
  • Product Design & Innovation: Highlighting their commitment to modern farming techniques and tools.
  • Sustainability: An exposition of their green initiatives and dedication to mother nature.

Furthermore, we integrated a dynamic section for news and events, ensuring that visitors and stakeholders always remained updated with AgStar’s latest happenings.


The revamped website not only strengthened AgStar PLC’s online brand identity but also positioned them exactly as they envisioned – Farmers’ ‘One-Stop’ Agent of Prosperity

The strategic information architecture ensured that visitors could easily find what they were looking for, enhancing user experience and engagement. 

The sophisticated design and layout effectively communicated AgStar’s commitment to excellence and growth, both for themselves and for Sri Lanka’s farming community.

Our collaboration with AgStar PLC is a testament to how a well-thought-out digital strategy can elevate a brand’s online identity. 

Today, when stakeholders and farmers visit AgStar’s website, they see more than just a company; they see a partner in their journey from hope to harvest.

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