Digital Innovations to uplift business in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan business sector has faced many ups and downs during the past decades. Continues political instability, 30 years-long civil war, Natural disasters such as the tsunami in 2004 as well as the recent Covid- 19 pandemic situation are some of the critical factors affected to businesses overall. It is inevitable to find new means of doing business and upgrading the game plans to cope with different challenges over time. Now is the digital age and this is the time for a digital transformation for Sri Lankan businesses.

Sri Lankan entrepreneurs have to embrace digital innovations and adapt their business accordingly as that is the most promising way of winning the game amidst the number of barriers deployed by Covid-19 such as social distances and import restrictions.

Below are a few ways of adopting digital innovations to uplift Sri Lankan businesses

Embedding a digital strategy

Nowadays customers are keen on getting in touch with the brands they love through different channels. 92% of the customers love interacting with live chat services when dealing with a business. 78% of clients use mobile devices to purchase products and services. Hence, to optimize customer engagement and maximize customer satisfaction, even Sri Lankan entrepreneurs have to go with the flow which is adopting a digital strategy integrated into the overall business strategy. As a premier digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka HYPE X is always there to help you with building your digital strategy and implementing it in your business. Click here to talk to us soon.


Digital innovation brings ultimate potential for your business

Automation is a phenomenal step of going digital for any business. When the time incentive or routine work automated, the human resource of the company can be employed in more important and creative tasks. It is said that automation can raise the productivity of the global economy to 1.4% annually, the same applies to Sri Lanka as well. Automation makes businesses less labour incentive and enhances the accuracy level of the automated process when compared to doing it manually

Invest in web application security

Cybersecurity is a well-concerned topic these days. Especially when it comes to the business world, the majority of the customers prefer to deal with high security enabled companies. Weak web applications cause data breaches often losing many customers at once. Further, it is identified 83% of web traffic is caused by API traffic. So it is a compulsory action to make sure businesses are well secured online.

Reusable applications

Many businesses use applications and if applications can be created in such a way where businesses can reuse them in a form of reusable integration assets over time rather than creating new structures from the scratch, it will be a time and cost-saving way for companies. Hence, businesses should pay attention to develop digital assets which are easily integrated for different occasions and purposes.

Digital innovation is expensive but it is indeed an investment for the business in the long run. Without making a system change to adopt more digital features to the business operations it is hard to even think of competing in the market in the future as well as nowadays.

Have a thought on embracing digital innovations for business growth in Sri Lanka.

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