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Fast-track Brand Growth

Prepare your brand for the next economic growth or the downfall with a comprehensive road map. Work with a team that understands the people and has the capacity to hype up and illuminate your brand.
From the brand logo to the launch campaign and then to the continuous marketing, we ensure that you stand out among the competition while you secure every opportunity with purpose.
Let HypeX drive performance by optimizing and growing your brand on the digital front with a well-defined strategy.


1ST JAN 2023 - 31ST MAR 2023

Offers are subject to availability at time of enquiry  and other restrictions may apply.

Offers are not valid in conjunction with any other offer or contract and do not apply to on going projects with HypeX. The rate do not include applicable mandatory fees (for example agency commission), or government imposed taxes, levies or surcharges, unless otherwise noted. If the project is abandoned before completion due to violation of terms of contract or any other reason, no fees paid leu of work can be refunded. Rates are subject to change.