Target top corporate and Senior Business Owners

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving business function globally. Throughout the years it continued to grow widening its scope in terms of new methods, new techniques and new aspects. Let’s uncover how to target top corporate and senior business owners in Sri Lanka in your marketing.

Current Situation

Every year new digital marketing trends come and emphasize their significance of improving digital marketing strategies for businesses.

In 2022, there are plenty of significant digital marketing trends that you need to look up to.

Some of these trends might be entirely new ones and some might be the basics which were there since the beginning. 

We all face challenges from time to time and for Sri Lankan Marketers it’s no different. Targeting senior decision-makers in the corporate world is a challenge due to most of them being newspaper reading baby boomers.

Despite the technical knowledge gap, we have found out that it’s fairly easy to create a loyalty base with senior citizens. They spend more time online no matter their status. Hence, it’s easy to expand the brand’s audience and engagement.

The Opportunity

Seniors who are 50 and older, make up 51% of consumer spending and include 45% of all adults. Therefore, we should not exclude and move away from the intended 60+ aged group. 

The top corporates and senior business owners are leaning towards YouTube marketing and social media marketing. Mainly because of the recent pickup in YouTube with hit songs to comedy skits that are aired by local creators.

Even though the reliance on mobile technology is less with the age (primarily those over 65), mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other technology are still high and growing every year.

In Conclusion

The above points will assist you in your next campaign and our new article series “Must know trends of digital marketing in 2022” presents to you the latest digital marketing trends taking the world right now.

We always provide you with the most valuable content and it’s our goal to make you aware of what businesses are trying out these days in terms of digital marketing on a global scale.

We believe you will be massively benefited from our new educational series and adopt some of these trends to your own business too.

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