Ancestral lessons for a better future

Social distancing may be here to stay for longer than expected! With the COVID-19 onslaught, people are running back to their roots. 

This phenomena is not just a knee-jerk reaction. People are looking back at natural remedies and Organic food consumption, which has become the new normal. 

For westerners, these practices may be new but, can we say the same thing to ourselves been Sri Lankans?

We inherited impeccable native medicines and a traditional farming system from our ancestors. 

Ancestral knowledge combined with Buddhist culture made sure human belongs to nature and not the other way around.


Native farming

Traditional Chena Govithana

Those days when westerners were clueless about Organic agriculture, our forefathers managed to practice it as a daily routine. 

They never used harmful chemicals which destroys our soil. Instead of killing animals who destroy crops, they used alternatives like pal rekeema to chase animals away from harming the crops. 

Our ancestors loved nature and were thankful for its miraculous benefits offered to them. They never tampered with ecosystems for their selfish gain but managed to co-exist with nature. 

As a result of that, they built a proper immunity by consuming the purest vegetables and fruits of nature and developed a strong and healthy generation.


Traditional medicine

Beheth Oru

Our ancestors believed in food as medicine. 

What you eat, what you become. They ate organic food. So they were healthy. 

Native doctors connected people to nature and made them realize nature is the best cure. In a time where we are looking at ruralisation enforced by the powers of nature it is a shame that we no longer see the trademarks of our traditional medicine such as Beheth oru and Vidum Pilissum wedakama. 

Many of these incomparable medicine practices disappeared with their last practitioners a few years ago.


Bringing back old traditions

Sri Lankan native practices for farming and medicine are too important to ignore. 

Many academicians suggest including this valuable native knowledge into School and University education systems. 

In that way, it is expected to create a citizen who is equipped with traditional knowledge and who contains traditional values in the heart. 

Another recommendation to bring back our old values is reestablishing the organic agricultural system in Sri Lanka. 

When the world falls to chaos as a last-gap resort to save mankind from self-annihilation we are facing an imprisonment enforced by powers of nature. 

The recent ban imposed on import of chemical pesticides can be noticed as a step in the right direction for a new eco-friendly farming practice. 

Revising our ancestors and learning from them can never go wrong. Let’s start it now for a better tomorrow.

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