How does a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka approach new business?

Sri Lanka  is a tough place for emerging digital marketers. 

There are several key players in the market, well established and on top of that, every day new entrants are adding to the market, making it more competitive than ever.


Approaching clients as a digital marketing agency

So, If you are a digital marketing agency, looking for ways to enhance your client base, here we have great tips on how to get new clients or how to approach new business.

Start it from what you have

To attract new clients and convince them to partner up with you for business, first you need to showcase what you have done so far as a digital marketing agency. 

Take a look at your existing portfolio. If you have completed projects in a variety of industries it is a huge plus sign for your prospects. 

By demonstrating you have worked in different industries, it creates a positive impact on your potential clients that you are as a digital marketing agency that has the potential of uplifting their businesses too through your experience. 

Now, don’t worry if you do not have experience of working in a variety of industries, Just descriptively present your small portfolio so potential clients can get an idea of what extent you have worked in those projects.

Offer them an e-newsletter

What if you can stay your potential client’s top of mind? 

Would not it be fantastic?

If you can do that, whenever in need you will be the first to get a call from them.

First, add a clear subscribe button to your website. 

When visitors subscribe to your website you can send a weekly email newsletter full of interesting stuff such as marketing tactics, new business trends,…etc. 

When you consistently provide your prospects with valuable information, it will create trustworthiness about your brand in their mind and as mentioned earlier, when needed they will not hesitate to contact you. 

As a country with high internet penetration, sending email newsletters can be considered a highly effective method of attracting new business to the company.

Practice what you preach

How many times have you preached the importance of content marketing to your clients? 

Now it is time for you to take your advice and practice it continuously. 

Just blog about marketing. Blogging is a highly effective measure of SEO. 

You as a digital marketing agency can rank yourself up in search engines if you can master the blogging game.

Just keep in mind to blog things that are relevant to marketing.

Give back what you learnt

Don’t forget, you are in a field that is continuously evolving. you need to grasp every bit and piece of you want to be on top of your game. 

At the same time, you can see, many organizations would like to invest in programs to educate their staff about new marketing trends. 

So, get the opportunity and be a facilitator. 

When you offer courses on digital marketing to others, it instantly uplifts your image as a genius in the industry. 

Clients love to partner up with experts to get the job done perfect way.

So, now you know how to!!!

Don’t hesitate and take action to attract more clients.

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