The Covid Effect: Digital Marketing in 2022?

We have survived a few years with the pandemic overhauling every aspect of our lives. The pandemic impact dealt heavy losses in terms of business and ushered in a shift in lifestyle. 

Adjusting to the new norm means, not just working from home the majority of the time. Every aspect of life has changed rapidly with the pandemic, including business. 

As business owners and people in decision-making positions, we must reshape how we think like marketers. Businesses need innovative methods to adjust to the user experience with their brand.

People are staying indoors, there is extra weight on a brand digital footprint. The modern buyer is digitally driven and appreciate the autonomous, extra secure ways of interacting with brands.

A shift in Customer behavior with the pandemic

People Research on their own: People no longer are comfortable with the traditional marketing methods of print advertising, rather they are more attracted to online marketing or social media marketing with buying done digitally through the online stores.

People Love Online Purchasing: Everyone prefers to place their order over the phone and get the goods delivered to the doorstep or place the order online through e-Commerce websites.

People are less likely to go on shopping sprees: The first year into the pandemic people used to panic purchase and store and now businesses see a gradual drop in those numbers. People are cautious about spending due to the economic situation in Sri Lanka.

As business owners and CEO’s we must be ready to meet the buyers where they are or risk a painful downfall. 

What used to be a secondary phase of the marketing funnel has become the mot important which is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the future

As business owners, we don’t have the choice now. It’s either online advertising or falling behind. 

This is the perfect time to start working with a digital marketing agency that fits you to make sure you are heard through the noise.

Every step of the customer journey should be smooth and consistent and well thought out to make sure you gain loyalty no matter which online platform you find them.

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Digital Marketing Company in Sri Lanka

Invest heavily in your Virtual store-front

Unlike before the pandemic, some businesses were driven by face-to-face selling and buying. 

Now people are accustomed to virtual buying and all business owners were forced to adopt virtual selling and delivery.

As a result, a website is king today! 

Customers are more informed, more empowered to shop around, and more comfortable acting without the help of a salesperson.

Business owners and CEO’s should focus on providing an engaging virtual experience through the brand website. 

The company website is a company’s digital storefront and must be the primary focus now. 

Make sure the content on the website is engaging potential buyers at all phases and helping satisfy their search for information, from features to price comparison.

Invest in Social Media Marketing

Unlike, pre-pandemic people who don’t have the capacity to meet in person and businesses don’t have the capacity to host loyal and potential customers through events and cocktails. 

Hence, Social Media has become the only way to maintain a relationship beyond sales.

Social Media has the same capacity as online search and display advertising with features above and beyond a standard reach. 

Therefore, a thorough social media marketing strategy is key to retaining your customers and building loyalty to your brand.

Reviews the tool of doom?

A happy customer makes sure they let their connections know how good and how well they were treated by your company.

A single sales experience can open a can of worms leading to the brand getting unwanted negative attention which can be picked up from mainstream media as well.

Therefore, every employee that interacts with a customer over the phone or via messaging must be well trained in public relations and disaster mitigating to avoid an uncomfortable backlash from people.

A simple review can bring your ranking down and get others who read to post their experiences no matter how long ago it was. 

This can’t be taken down and when people research about the brands before purchasing the first thing they will check are the reviews. 

This must be kept in mind of all employees that are working in the company.

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway is that all businesses should make digital marketing their primary way of making people aware of their products.

The only way to make it through is to let someone already well-experienced in the field assist you to make it.

Therefore, you need to start looking at the best digital marketing company that really fits your brand.