Unlock the Power of Social Media in 2023

Creating successful social media content requires a well-defined strategy. Without one, you risk struggling to reach social success. 

However, if you follow these four steps, you can confidently take control of your social media marketing and reach your business goals. 

Don’t let social media be a beast too challenging to tame – take charge and make it work for you! 

Defining your personas and understanding your ideal audience is the essential first step for any successful marketing initiative

Next, craft a strategy for each platform and create social strategy & tone documents to develop your brand‘s messaging. 

Doing this will ensure your social media presence is both cohesive and effective.

Crafting an Effective Strategy

In order to create an effective social media strategy, we must take the following steps: 

1. Analyze the follower demographics on each platform using tools such as HubSpot or SEMRush. 

2. Conduct an audit of competitors, relevant brands, and successful social messengers to understand what content, copy length, imagery, tone, and hashtags are most effective. 

3. Refine and develop our own social strategy, incorporating the best practices and brand-specific messaging techniques for each platform

4. Set achievable quarterly goals for each social platform.

Grow Your Brand, Establish Your Voice

Creating a social media presence starts with defining your brand‘s unique voice. 

Take some time to explore how you want to come across to your audience; think of adjectives that could help you create the right tone. 

This will also help you define your role and messaging goals on each platform while staying true to your brand. 

After you’ve nailed down personas, strategy, and tone, it’s time to start crafting your social media posts.

Never skip these steps, they are essential if you want to build a genuine following. 

Take the time to get to know your brand and communicate it clearly to your followers.

Maximize Your Social Media Goals

Staying consistent is the key to success when it comes to your social media strategy. 

The frequency of your posts, the tone you use, and your response time all need to be consistent to ensure your content is of the highest quality. 

Make sure your tone and strategy are always uptodate, that your posts are in the right voice, and that you meet your frequency goals. 

For an expert opinion on the best frequencies on different social media platforms, talk to our team. Make sure to stay consistent to maximize your social media goals!

Streamline Your Processes

By leveraging a social editorial calendar and a weekly posting schedule, brands can reduce the bandwidth needed to manage their accounts and focus on timeliness, research, and strategy. 

Establishing these processes at the start of each quarter ensures that your strategy is executed with clarity and that the responsibilities of copy, design, and scheduling are separated.

Scheduling with Social Media Scheduler is the key to taking control of your social presence and ensuring you have a consistent, reliable flow of posts.

It is essential to measure the performance of your social posts if you are to effectively optimize your social strategy. 

Utilize datadriven analytic tools such as Facebook Insights, Twitter, and LinkedIn Analytics to gain valuable insights into your personas. 

Test various approaches such as copy length, imagery, post time, and social CTAs to determine the most effective approach. 

To maximize your success, be sure to assess and report the data you collect in a thoughtful manner.