CASE: From Invisible to Inevitable

HypeX's 30-Day Journey to Propel End2End Solutions to Google's Top Spot


Despite offering specialized services in apparel manufacturing consultation, End2End Solutions Pvt Ltd (end2end.lk). languished in online obscurity.

A non-optimized website meant negligible rankings, resulting in missed opportunities for business growth.


HypeX digital marketing agency stepped in to illuminate the path for End2End Solutions. 

Kicking off with a meticulous SEO audit, they pinpointed improvement zones for the website.

HypeX’s strategic moves included:

  • Tailoring website content to resonate with crucial keywords.
  • Securing high-quality backlinks.
  • Enhancing the website’s load speed for a better user experience.

Beyond SEO, HypeX took command of End2End’s social media marketing, sculpting engaging content and running impactful campaigns. 

They further magnified End2End’s online presence via astutely targeted Google paid advertising.


In less than 30 days, the transformation was phenomenal. 

End2End Solutions Pvt Ltd. leaped to the 5th position on Google and then to number one position for “apparel manufacturing consultants”. 

This elevation didn’t just boost online visibility; it translated into tangible traffic, leads, and sales.


With HypeX’s holistic approach encompassing SEO, social media, and paid advertising, End2End Solutions Pvt Ltd. transitioned from being just another name online to the go-to brand in its niche.

We continued to work with End2End Solutions for 3 more months before closing the project due to financial limitations from the client. 

It’s been close to a year since this project came to a successful closure and still their website ranks in the top position.

Key Takeaways:

SEO Sri Lanka is crucial for local businesses. By optimizing for location-specific keywords, companies can dominate their niche in the Sri Lankan market.

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool for building brand presence. With compelling content and strategic campaigns, brands can connect deeply with their target audience.

Paid Advertising can deliver quick and targeted results. When tailored to the right audience, it maximizes the impact of every advertising dollar spent.

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