Key Features to consider when using a WordPress CRM Plugin

If you want to grow your business it is important to understand your customers and interact with them throughout the customer life cycle. Customer relationship management aka CRM makes it’s a lot easier to gather and analyze customer data as well as interact with the customers to explore more hidden opportunities.

Since the beginning, CRM industry was a growing market with a lot of potentials. Many businesses reaped the best results by operating through CRM software. Because of that, CRM is the biggest software market now.


CRM is essential to grow your business!!!

We are pretty sure you are on the hunt for efficient and functioning CRM software. WordPress CRM plugins are the tools everyone eventually goes for. Your CRM needs can be vary depending on the nature of your business and the operating stage you are currently in. Some companies might need a CRM plugin with the basic features and some may need more of a sophisticated version of CRM.

Regardless of your requirement, here we have listed some key features of CRM software.

  • Ability to capture contacts with form builders and options to place those forms on the website
  • Having many databases to store customer data. Storing customer details in custom fields allows you to use the data for the unique business needs of your company
  • Ability to share the reports and print option – This makes it easier to share information among your team and analyze it to make decisions
  • Visual pipeline management to track customers to get an idea on which stage they are currently in the Customer life cycle and how to convince and convert them repeatedly
  • Ability to send notifications for customers and administration staff – Can be incorporated to Live chats even
  • A user-friendly interface – something similar to social media profiles where customers can directly interact with the admin staff
  • Having WooCommerce integrations – Having links to other plugins is a plus, always
  • Invoicing tools
  • Task schedulers – makes it easier to admin staff to stay on track and schedule meetings for clients
  • Activity logs and notes system for record purpose and refer past records
  • Tagging, Filtering and Searching options for increased efficiency
  • Integration tools to link the WordPress plugin to other CRMs and websites

So, this is the list you should consider when selecting a CRM plugin.

We will introduce you to the best CRM software’s in our next article.

Until then stay focused; Stay safe!

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