Digital Marketing Courses & Degrees In Sri Lanka

Start Digital Marketing Courses & Degrees In Sri Lanka, if you wish to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing at a physical location. 

Today, due to convenience, many students enroll in free online courses that’s recognized by a reputable online educational platform. 

There are several online modules to look into, each packed with useful exercises and real-world examples to assist you in putting information into practice.

It is impossible to successfully achieve an organization’s marketing objectives without a digitally oriented marketing strategy because of the rapid growth of digital technologies, and increasing internet penetration in Sri Lanka.

As a result, customer focus has shifted away from traditional forms of marketing to digital channels. If you are to stay relevant in the industry you need to keep learning more than ever.

So why should you get a certificate?

First, a good-looking CV will make it easy for companies to hire you. 

Obtaining a certificate demonstrates to companies that you have a firm grasp of the fundamental ideas of digital marketing

Additionally, you may effortlessly add the qualification to your CV and LinkedIn page.

Second, you distinguish yourself from the competition. 

A certificate demonstrates both your excellent digital abilities and your desire to develop, two traits that are crucial in the business. 

You may increase your chances of landing the job you desire by exhibiting these traits.

And last, never stop learning. Increasing your digital literacy can help you land a job, advance your current job position, or launch a brand-new career.

Digital Marketing Courses in Sri Lanka

Here are some of the digital marketing courses and diploma you could follow in Sri Lanka. Some programs mentioned here can be followed online or offline both.

Certificate in Digital Marketing (Online Paid Course) - APIDM

This 4 month online course will introduce you to the fundamentals of social media marketing, search engine optimization, career prospects in digital marketing, and practical assignments. 

This course comes with the ability to use SkilledUp Life to apply for industry internship positions and online volunteer opportunities from businesses around the world.

Upon completion of this program, you can look at starting their next paid course on Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Online Paid Course).

The course is also suitable for practicing marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to set up their online marketing activities in-house.

Certificate Program in Digital Marketing (Paid Local Course) - SLIIT

With topics like Understanding Consumer Behavior in Online Marketing and the fundamentals of digital strategy, Case studies and Practical Sessions, Introduction to social media and display marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, How to monetize in Digital, Crisis Management and Social Listening, Importance of Personal Branding in Social Media, and much more covered, this course will be very beneficial to a novice in the industry.

If you complete this course you can further study through the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing in order to learn improved marketing objectives, to identify, integrate, plan, implement and monitor successful digital techniques using the skills they develop in this program.

Certificate In Digital Marketing (Paid Local Course) - SLIM

The Certificate in Digital Marketing program is an introductory course created to provide students a foundational understanding of online communication and digital marketing. 

Students in this 3 month course learn both theoretical and practical aspects of digital marketing and internet communication. 

The course is advantageous for individuals interested in a career in digital marketing who are looking to learn specialized competences, and it would be valuable for those already employed in the marketing or business development fields who want to improve their digital marketing capabilities.

This course will give the student the abilities necessary for organizing, managing, leading, and making decisions within the context of digital marketing.

Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing (Paid Local Course) - NIBM

If you’re interested in a career in digital marketing, this course at NIBM is a terrific place to start. 

The course covers the fundamentals of marketing, design principles (layout composition), web video production (video editing), internet technology and web design (web design), and the other important parts of digital marketing.

To start this course you need prior experience or basic knowledge in the field. The course we is available in the link below.

Higher Diploma in Digital Marketing (Paid Local Course) - ICBT

The essential topics for success in the field of business management are covered in this course. 

The program’s two modules cover topics like consumer behaviour, display and video advertising, insights and analytics, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

It also covers business communications, managing information systems, email marketing, mobile and social media marketing, and website design and optimization.

Digital Marketing Courses to Study Online

Online learning is the best option if you are confident and disciplined enough to accomplish work on your own. 

In today’s world, all you have to do to learn anything new is Google it. Here are a few free online courses you might start taking right now.

Fundamentals of digital marketing (Free Online Course) - Google

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing through the self-paced learning program of 26 modules. 

This covers the very basics of digital marketing and offers a recognized certificate at the end of the program.  

This certificate has already been earned by over 300,000 people, who are utilizing it to advance and better their jobs.

Get Certified in Digital Marketing (Free Online Course) - HubSpot

You will learn how to become an efficient digital marketer with an inbound-first mentality by taking the digital marketing certification course. 

From making a website search engine-friendly, Developing a non-paid plan to attract and retain a following and a paid strategy to spread the word about your company to a specific audience.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course (Paid Online Course) - Udemy

With this digital marketing course, which includes 20+ hours of concise lectures and practice exercises, you will learn how to start and grow an online business from scratch, earn money as an affiliate marketer, land a job as a digital marketing expert, and work from home as a freelance marketer.

There are many more paid online learning platforms like Skillshare and Coursera for you to keep learning the rapidly evolving industry of Digital Marketing.

If you aspire to start a career in a digital marketing company in Sri Lanka, you can start learning online today on a free platform.

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